About us?

Moldes Rusa is a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to the manufacture, repair, engineering changes and maintenance of plastic injection molds, CAD CAM design, service of measurement of parts to industry and tolling plastic injection.


Offer satisfactorily, the manufacture, repair, maintenance and assembly of plastic injection molds, in the state of Querétaro, and its surroundings. Looking for a total commitment, emphasis on quality, precision, delivery time and customer service. Through our sufficiently trained collaborators, contributing as a team for the constant improvement of our processes and services.


In our capacity, to be a leading company in the manufacture of plastic molds and maquila at the regional level, establishing a good relationship, client-company-supplier, to provide products and / or services, with the quality and the demands that our clients need . Develop a productive and innovative work environment, creating interest in our work and towards our customers and suppliers.

Quality politics

At Moldes Rusa, we work committed to providing the best service in the manufacture and repair of precision tooling and plastic injection, making total commitment to quality in our products and / or services. Continuously improving our processes and machinery, to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

Our values

EFFECTIVENESS: Ability to produce and get things to happen.

TEAMWORK: Fellowship and enthusiasm to produce better results.

SOCIAL DYNAMICS: Act positively.

TRUST: Self-confidence, to achieve the required success.

PERSON: It is seeing the other always as a human and not as an instrument.

RESPECT: Value towards oneself and towards others.

RESPONSABILITY: Make conscious decisions and the ability to respond to our actions.

Our plant

Labor History

Moldes Rusa, was initially constituted with the formation of a limited company, which by administrative strategy was developed as follows.